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Transpersonal Yoga Deep Immersion Program and Schedule


Transpersonal Yoga: Going Deeper

This Program puts you on the true road to Self-Realization. It can be done as a personal journey or you can use it to enhance your teaching skill set. Prior to taking this Program you can join us for Module 1. You can take this program without doing any other training. However, if you have participated in The Next Step's: Module 1, it will have introduced you to psycho-spiritual concepts which are useful but not necessary for this Program. Please speak to Christine U for further information.

For those of you who are teachers, this Program will definitely assist you in recognizing how to be a truly effective teacher beyond knowing the asana names and the philosophical concepts.

Orientation Day Saturday 3:30pm, January 29, 2011

  ⇒ 8 month program

The program consists of one class per week for the bulk of the program as a group. The rest of the program involves self-study: some reading, attending asana classes and seeing the director for private sessions twice per month, and one overnight weekend. Please come in to speak with Christine U about how you can get involved.

Breakdown of Program:

February 01 - June 21; September 13 - November 29, 2011

⇒ Group Session – Tuesdays at 6:30pm – 10:00pm

This class explores some of the different concepts of ego and psyche. Exercises and group discussions. Different theme each month.

⇒ Going Deeper – Sundays, Once a Month 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Developing an open and deep relationship to our Divine selves through this meditation class.

Other Mandatory Requirements See Below

2 Private Sessions per month
(The above must be fulfilled at the SB studio)

Yoga classes are not mandatory for this program but are available to
those who would like to take classes. All are welcome.
(Yoga class pass extra cost)

Breakdown of fees for Program for all 8 months (DOES NOT INCLUDE HST):

Full Program

• Weekly Meeting ----------------------- $960 (plus hst)
• One Overnight Weekend ------------- $200**(plus hst)
• Other Mandatory requirements ---- $1040 (plus hst)
• Sunday Meditation Classes ----------- $160 (plus hst)

Full Program Total -------------------------------------------- $2360* (plus hst)
*Yoga Class pass extra cost
** This does not include cost of accommodation or food.

Full or half payment excepted on day of orientation January 29th.
Payment schedule available. If you have not discussed your program with the Director in depth, please make an appointment before the orientation day.

Payment non-refundable after course has started.

* Please note that this information is still being updated and some details may change. Please send us an email to receive the most up to date information!