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The Next Step: Yoga Deep Immersion Program and Schedule


Program 1

Module 2: Deepening Technique

If you have started this program with us to become a teacher, you will have done Module 1.

In Module 2 there will be:
- instruction on hands-on adjustment techniques
- discussion on the ethics of being a teacher
- instruction on how to structure an asana class
- One on One sessions
- there will be an opportunity to assist the teacher
- an opportunity to develop your meditation practice
- an opportunity to continue your own asana practice

If you are a teacher and want to attend this Module, please speak to Christine U to discuss how you can participate.

Orientation Day Saturday 3:30pm, January 29, 2011

  ⇒ 3 month program

The program consists of one class per week for the bulk of the program as a group. The rest of the program involves self-study: some reading, attending asana classes and seeing the director for private sessions twice per month, and one overnight weekend. Please come in to speak with Christine about how you can get involved.

Breakdown of Program:

1st session February 06 - May 01, 2011 (April 24, off)

2nd session September 11 - December 04, 2011

⇒ Group Session – Sundays from 11:30 - 3:00pm

This class explores all of the main components of being a good teacher. See above.

⇒ Going Deeper – Sundays, Once a Month 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Developing an open and deep relationship to our Divine selves through this meditation class.

Other Mandatory Requirements See Below

Must attend One Ashtanga Full Series/week
Plus 2 other classes per week
2 Private Sessions per month
(All the above must be fulfilled at the SB studio)

Breakdown of fees for Module 2 for all 3 months (DOES NOT INCLUDE HST):

Module 2 Full Program

• Weekly Meeting ----------------------- $360 (plus hst)
• One Overnight Weekend ------------- $200**(plus hst)
• Other Mandatory requirements ------ $850 (plus hst)
• Sunday Meditation Classes ------------- $60 (plus hst)

Module 2: Full Program Total ------------------------------- $1470* (plus hst)
*This includes an 3 month Class Pass - Mid Jan - Mid Apr 2011
** This does not include cost of accommodation or food.

* Please note that this information is still being updated and some details may change. Please send us an email to receive the most up to date information!