SB Yoga Class Info

Class Descriptions


Shama-Bhakti yoga classes are a whole yoga experience. They offer in one class the elements of practice that develop the mind and body, resulting in a rewarding practice that will take you from beginner to advanced practitioner as you join us in the studio day to day, week to week.

SBY Open (Shama-Bhakti OPEN)

a more relaxed rhythm to the class based on the Vinyasa practice of Ashtanga yoga, introducing and applying basic/intermediate movements of yoga to your practice involving adjustments and personal attention. Good for All levels. Check Class Calendar

ShamaLama Ding Dong

a more intense class. Jamming to rock, pop, and hip hop music roaring out of speakers. Loads of fun, and it kicks a**! This class builds stamina, endurance, and flexibility quickly. For best results, add this class to your routine and join us often. In a few weeks you will see how far you’ve come! Come try ShamaLama and kick it up a notch! (Intermediate Vinyasa) Check Class Calendar

ShamaLama Lite

a more relaxed version of the class above.

Pranayoga 1, 1/2

a slow and breath-full Hatha class that can only be described as a moving meditation. It is perfect for beginners, and anyone who is working with an injury… This class also prepares you for SBY OPEN classes and is a good complement to the more vigorous Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices! Good for All levels. Check Class Calendar

Pranayoga 2

a flowing, core-focused vinyasa class. A step up from Pranayoga 1,1/2 classes.This class is a good complement to SBY OPEN, and the more vigorous Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes! Good for All levels. Check Class Calendar

Yoga for Golfers/Athletes

these classes address issues facing athletes such as: posture, balance, rotation, knee and lower back problems, flexibility in hips and shoulders, etc. It also addresses focus and concentration.

This is a great class for any athlete wanting to improve their performance regardless of what Sport: running, golf, hockey, racquet sports! It will enhance and transform your game! (Also offered in small groups and private sessions.) Call for more info. Check Class Calendar

Creative Calm

a meditative and reflective class. For All levels. Call for more info. Check Class Calendar

Ashtanga Full Series/Self-practice

led and self-practice classes for the aspiring yogi! Mysore or self-practice is a traditional way to practice yoga and can help work out the kinks of any (Intermediate practice).
Ashtanga is the grandfather of ‘Vinyasa’, ‘Power’, ‘Flow’ etc. It is a beautiful practice and if you have been practicing without experiencing the Full Series then it’s worth trying out. Check Class Calendar

ShamaLama Flow

a vinyasa yoga class which explores the ecstatic state of moving into postures with an open heart. Inspirational music played . (Intermediate Vinyasa) Check Class Calendar


a yoga event. Vinyasa class to the beat of a live drum! For your yoga flo yo! Featuring a live drummer creating the pulsating beat for the class. Meditative, mezmerizing and magical. (Intermediate Vinyasa). Check Class Calendar