Quote of the Week

"Real bliss is the absence
of the wanting of bliss "

Ramesh S. Balsekar

Privates: One-on-Ones


Do you...

...have questions about how to begin your yoga practice? What is a YOGA practice?

...want to go deeper and learn more about a specific posture or group of postures? How do postures relate to one another anyway?

...have chronic tension in your body and unresolved issues with flexibility or strength that hinder progress in your practice? Learn how to move into your postures effectively, healthily and with ease!

...want to learn (more) about the Ashtanga Vinyasa system? Learn Ashtanga, Vinyasa with Christine!

Become a brighter, more flexible you in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Christine will ensure you get what you need.

Call and book a time with us and see the results. 905.845.2332

Instruction available for: meditation, yoga and sports focus classes.


Semi-Privates: Small Groups - Private/Corporate


Do you...

...have a small group of friends who want to learn the basics of yoga? It's fun to do yoga with friends!

...have employees who would benefit from stretching out and breathing deeply? Foster a healthy, cooperative, and calm workplace by doing some yoga together!

...belong to a club or are on a team that would appreciate the opportunity to get some instruction on movement, alignment, and increase flexibility and range of motion? Yoga can strengthen the bond and spirit of any group or team!

Christine will ensure you get what you need.

Call and book a time with us and see the results. 905.845.2332

Instruction available for: meditation, yoga and sports focus classes.
Maximum 4 – 10 people.


SBYC Practice Recommendation -- Getting results from your practice


If you would like to see results from your practice (more flexibility, reduced stress, increased endurance, feeling stronger, becoming more confident and comfortable with the postures, establishing the breath much more easily, etc.), I urge you to practice 3 or more times a week.

One class only maintains your practice and if you miss a week, then you work against yourself. Two classes help you maintain much better and you start to advance your abilities. It is after the third class where you feel and see the difference in your practice and you begin to experience Flow. And four classes, then it becomes a part of you where your body and mind find FLOW even after you left the studio.
Taking a workshop every now and then is also good for your practice/classes. It gives you information that can’t be conveyed in a regular class. We offer workshops that cover all sorts of yoga topics. If there is ever anything you’d like to discover, or investigate further please write me an email. It’s great for me to know what it is you’d like to work on!
Finally, meditation classes are understood as part of the practice and coming once a month helps to coalesce any of the more subtle work you do in your asana classes (regular).
Think about it and make the decision to do a little more yoga this Fall!!!

The passes will reflect my urging that you take more classes for the good of your practice. :-)


Yoga with Ummpphh!


At Shama-Bhakti Yoga Centre, it is our focus to assist you in developing a rewarding personal practice that will take you from a beginner to advanced practitioner as you join us in the studio day to day, week to week.

Shama-Bhakti Yoga Centre is a whole yoga experience. At the studio, we offer all elements of practice that develop the body, mind and soul. For the body, we have awesome yoga classes and illuminating workshops. For the mind, we have transformative meditation classes. For the soul, we have all of that and more in an all-encompassing, life-enriching program called 'The Next Step: Deep Immersion/ Teacher Training Program/Transpersonal Immersion.

Our classes are based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system with a Shama-Bhakti twist. All classes stretch you, introduce you to breath and movement, and prepare you for a lifelong journey into the deeper aspects of yoga as you venture from basic to advanced levels of practice. The beginner/basic classes are designated as ShamaPrana 1, 1/2, 2, and SB Ashtanga. In these classes, you will get to know the postures through expert instruction and guidance, which will help build confidence in your ability to move into more complex postures and develop a rewarding practice. We have all level Ashtanga classes called SB Ashtanga and a Full Series class. Our Vinyasa classes are amazing and fun, each with a different name because of the different emphasis: ShamaLama Ding Dong, ShamaLama Flow, ShamaLama Basic, and ShamaLama Lite.

We teach and convey this practice with confidence and great detail. It is our sincere wish to transmit the practice of yoga in its entirety with integrity and light-heartedness. We hope that our expertise will allow our students; no matter what level, feel welcome, safe, curious and inspired.  

University for the Shama-Bhakti Method!


In Yoga U courses/workshops, we explore and investigate yoga asana from all sorts of angles for all sorts of levels of experience!

Upcoming Yoga U Workshops -


Sundays 1pm – 3pm, $40

Need a minimum of participants to run these. Please sign up ASAP!!

Please call 905-845-2332 or email for details.

Meditation Classes - Let Go and Go Deeper: Creating Vidya


There is nothing more vital to going deeper in yoga than opening the heart through this meditation practice. Experience freedom and joy by learning to see things as they are.


The Next Step: 2 Programs for Deep Immersion 2011


Deep Immersion/Transpersonal Immersion

Whether you want to teach Yoga or not, now that you have embarked on this journey, there comes a time when you must immerse yourself into your own practice and self-transformation to be able to move and grow. It is in our nature to want to effect good, healthy change in our lives. Now IS that time. Please call 905-845-2332 or email for details.

Upcoming Events and Specialty Classes


SBYC always has events and specialty classes that enrich and inform your yoga practice. Come join us for these events coming soon

Retreats - 4 day silent meditation retreat to come in the New Year!

Workshops - Yoga U, Yoga Techniques, Asana

Classes - Meditation, Visualization, BhaktiBeat

In-House Events - Open House for Deep Immersion/Teacher Training Program

Find out more here!

passport to prana holders welcome to any class running

Mind 2 Mind: For Heart and Body


Let's talk.... For new students and existing students, from beginner to advanced, come in for a 30 minute consultation with Christine and give yourself the chance to see where you're at in your practice. $50
Let us help you maintain a commitment to your health and growth.

Please call 905-845-2332 or email for details.


Christine's Class Info


Her style of teaching accommodates all levels of practice:

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We want to make you beautiful inside and out.

NEW Stylish SPRING 'YOGAUTHENTIC' Gear featuring Prana, Tonic and Be Present PLUS Casual Clothing including Cool Hoodies, Great Tees and Funky Jeggings from interesting and unique brands


Shop by appointment: (Please call 905-845-2332)

Tuesday - Thursday 12pm – 2pm* and 5pm - 7pm*

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Boutique Hours for June:

Saturday June 25 – 9am – 3pm ("Arts in the Square", across the street from the studio)

*Remember doors are not open unless you've called.
*Plans to open during regular store hours soon.

Payment by cash or cheque
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